Multiply your shoppers.
Boost your basket size!

Capture the benefits of group purchases today. Collect payment for multiple customers in a single transaction, without changes to your eCommerce infrastructure

Meet customer needs

Togetheray caters directly to group purchases through a seamless checkout experience

Drive traffic

Benefit from TogetherPay’s marketing platforms and affiliate store driving traffic to your site.

Boost basket sizes

Enjoy higher average basket sizes with multiple participants contributing to group purchases

Target better

Leverage ToghetherPay’s merchant platform to understand your shoppers’ behaviour and target more effectively
A new checkout solution catering for group purchases

Forget Buy Now Pay Later. TogetherPay allows you to capture group payments within your existing eCommerce platform.

Easy integration, one transaction, simple returns - no hassle!

How it Works for customers

Select TogetherPay at the checkout

Choose TogetherPay to split payments with friends

Share the link

Invite friends to pay their share

Confirm your share

Once everyone confirms payment, your order is placed

How to connect

Step 1: Submit merchant agreement
Step 2: Install TogetherPay eCommerce plug-in
Step 3: Activate and enjoy the benefits of capturing groups payments!

Ready to try TogetherPay?

With low transaction fees, no monthly commitments and easy on/off activation, TogetherPay offers differentiation from existing checkout solutions and flexibility to activate when you need - perfect for key trading periods or apply all year round!

We’re offering early partners a free welcome period, low introductory fees, a rewarding referral program and up to 25% off for your customers who use TogetherPay!

We’ve removed the risk so you can try TogetherPay hassle free!


Easy integration

TogetherPay currently supports a variety of integration options.

Custom API

+ more to come

TogetherPay provides:

- One-click integration with major e-commerce platforms
- SDK for your iOS or Android application
- API for custom-built web-stores
- Industry-leading data security systems

Have a custom solution?

TogetherPay offers custom installation. Contact us to learn more.